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Preventing the water tank from falling over

Started by WimSpi, July 10, 2022, 01:34:30 PM

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What happens to me, when I change the grinding wheels,is that sometimes the water tank of the T8 falls over and everything is covered with water. This always happens at an inconvenient time. The water tray is fall-prone, due to its shape.

So I made a stand from some leftover plywood, on which I slide the water basin. Now it can't fall over anymore.
I slide the water basin between the two guiding laths towards the bolts (6mm). There it slides in line with the T8 itself.

I finished the plywood with Danish oil, because water and wood are not friends.

It works simply. Important is the dimension distance between the bolts (180mm) and the height of the bolts above the bottom plate (5mm)

Ken S


Well done! You have a well built, clever design.

Water troughs are a balance of several factors. The round bottom of the T8 trough is definitely easier to clean. When using diamond wheels with ACC, the rounded bottom requires just over half the solution of the T7 trough. The raising/lowering feature allows it to work with really worn stones. It also clips on to the T8 differently than earlier troughs, which is probably what makes it seem less steady.