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new wheel

Started by bobl, April 27, 2016, 08:56:46 PM

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Hello again my Friends,
I have just put a new wheel on my Tormek T7 and I have noticed that, although it is a SB250,  that the wheel diameter fixed gage on the tormek  --- reads 245
Should I set my angle master at 245 or 250?
I eagerly await your replies.
Probably will be Ken S. first. ( hopefully )


The gauge is just that, a gauge.  You should measure the wheel and use that value. 

One would hope that when you measure it, it will be 250, and then you know that your gauge is off 5 mm.  I guess worst case is that the wheel is actually 245, the gauge is accurate and you have to decide whether to keep the wheel, or get a new one.

The other thing that you could do, is move around, maybe standing on blocks or something, until the gauge reads 250 and then always use that viewpoint.  Seems easier to just measure the wheel.



Hi Bret,
The wheel is brand new.
I bought it on line from Chronos on line.

Ken S

A more accurate way to measure the diameter of the wheel is to set it on a flat surface and use a rule. i would be surprised if a new wheel was not 250mm.



do you think I might have been sent a used one ?
If I use a rule, or ruler, where would I measure from.
Or should I get a tape measure and measure around the wheels circumference?
It does definitely measure 245 on the Tormek measure on the machine.
What do you reckon?

Ken S


Place the zero ond of your rule along the edge of your grinding wheel. This is easier to do with the wheel removed. The measuring scale should run through the middle of the mounting hole. The reading at the other edge of the wheel is the diameter reading. It should be 250mm with a new wheel.

UK uses metric, doesn't it?

The onboard scale seems like a nice idea, but I have never relied on it.

Ask again if this is not clear. Pleasepost either way.



I would just measure it with a wooden ruler.  I've done it.  Even when mounted you can eyeball it pretty well.