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Safety (or be very careful)

Started by Don W., February 24, 2004, 04:55:10 PM

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Don W.

While sharpening planner blades I made one big expensive mistake.

When I slid to the left, over the honing wheel, I became slightly distracted and ended up easing the pressure off of the right end of the jig.  The jig dipped low enough for the blade to catch the leather wheel.  It quickly sliced out a chunck of leather and a little bit of the plastic wheel.

I was succeeding in getting the blade sharp.

A new wheel cost $50.00.

My first thought was to remove the honing wheel when sharpening planner blades.  That exposes the drive wheel.  I wouldn't want to replace that if I slipped.

I just need to be more careful and pay better attenion to the hands and the pressure each is applying to a long item.

Don W.

Jeff Farris

Thanks for sharing that, Don.

I would add that the pressure on the planer blade attachment needs to be concentrated over the stone.  If you use the clamping knobs for handles (and we all seem to), use the ones in the middle instead of the outside ones.  You will find it takes a bit more effort, but will result in more concentrated and even pressure.
Jeff Farris