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Started by docg1956, June 11, 2015, 10:08:52 PM

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I was wondering where a person could get the sliding film for the planer jig. I found the reference # on the pdf file as #4 sliding film 9494 but the web sight doesn't seem to have a parts list for sale. What gives?

Ken S


Here is the link:

Sharptoolsusa is the place for Tormek parts in the US. In fact, their "parts finder" feature is a good starting place for users located anywhere, For each machine, jig or accessory listed in parts, click on the parts finder and you will see an exploded drawing with the parts numbered. Just below is a list with prices. Click on that to order.

While you are on the sharptoolsusa site, be sure to check out the demo videos and Jeff's blog. Sharptoolsusa was founded and owned by forum founder Jeff Farris for many years. There is a lot of expertise on that site.