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using the planer blade atachment to sharpen Ice shaver blades

Started by docg1956, March 13, 2015, 09:39:43 PM

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Hi to all we are thinking of adding this service to our supply business which is snowball equipment flavors machines. We have been using a company that sharpened saw blades and such but alas they have closed their door for business. So would the planer blade attachment tool work for the three blades used in a southern snow shaver? The size of the blades is 4" long X 1.25 wide X 1/8" thick. Any and all info is needed thanks in advance Doc G.

Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Doc.

I can't answer your question definitively, however, I just measured the blades on my Delta four inch jointer. They are 4" x 1/8" by 5/8". I bought the jointer second hand, and it is most of a half century old, so I don't know what the 5/8" was originally. My gut feeling is that it should work for you.

However, I suggest you contact Tormek support in Sweden for a more definitive answer. The email address is I have found them quite good about responding quickly.

You might enjoy the video on the Tormek website, one of the Tormek friends series about the ice carver.

Keep us posted.



Ok I will thanks for responding quickly. Hope that this will work we should be able to do other customers blades also!