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Planer Blade Jig Does Not want to rest on the Angle Stop

Started by gwight, October 05, 2013, 12:53:18 AM

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Hi Everyone

Request for help!

I have had a Tormek for years now which I use mainly for chisels and plane irons.  However I do have a a Planer Blade Jig that I tried to use once but the slow speed and lack of time forced me to ship the blades off to the tool sharpener and put the Jig back into the cupboard.  However now with more time and a serious amount of reclaimed teak to machine, I have tried to have a serious go at getting the thing to work. I am trying to sharpen some  320mm HSS blades.

I took some time and care in setting up the Jig and the first blade seemed to go reasonably well although the blade edge was concave when I started and concave when I finished.  I stopped before I had managed to get an edge on the two end of the blade in order to get a feel for how it would cope with the second blade.  However I did not appear to be able to take any more steel off the ends in order to produce a straight edge. 

However when I tried the second blade I realised that the Jig was now working as I expected.  Instead of the Sliding part of the jig being raised above the fixed part,  it was in close contact with the plastic strip and steel guide bar.  This meant that the Jig was not fully down to the angle stop provided by the screw adjustment.  All my attempts to change this with pressure failed.  This means that the angle is not correct and I am trying to take more off the heel of the bevel than the tip.  Progress is painfully slow and this blade also is concave at the edge.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Again

Having just read my previous post, I realize that there is an important typing error in the text. Perhaps the late hour when I wrote it had something to do with this!

I wrote that the Jig was NOW working as expected.

It should of course read "NOT working as expected".

Apologies for this and hopefully I will hear from some of you with more experience of using this Jig.

Many Thanks.