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Mafell M75

Started by micke, April 15, 2013, 01:02:34 PM

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Hi guys and gals,

New to the forum and looking for anybody with information about the vintage planer in question,
or more specifically what angle should the blades be sharpened to.
I picked it up used, and the blades look like they have been sharpened with an angle grinder or similar
so I can't really tell what they looked like from the beginning. :-(

Mafell is of no help here.

Thank you for any insight,


Hi Mike

Welcome to the forum.

Ive done a quick canter through google and there's very little information on the m75.  From what I can gather it's a hand held electric planar?  When you say mafell haven't been helpful...what do you mean?  I would have thought they must have access to old user manuals that would have the specs in?.  Have you called their tek people?

If they give you no joy I would just grind the blades based on another (modern) brand of planar for example the makita. The designs are all very similar with perhaps the only variation being the diameter of the block. 

I like the notion some gorilla has used an angle grinder to sharpen planar blades....that's quality :-)
Best.    Rob.

Herman Trivilino

Quote from: Rob on April 15, 2013, 02:59:39 PM
I like the notion some gorilla has used an angle grinder to sharpen planar blades....that's quality :-)

Maybe he was going for that rough-hewn effect.   ;)
Origin: Big Bang


That completely chewed up effect :-)
Best.    Rob.


Thank you for replies sofar.

Not helpful as in "Sorry,  we have no info on such an old item, but you can buy a brand spanking new planer from a Swedish dealer" but in German.

Yes it's an electric hand planer from the 70's that I picked up dirt cheap on a car boot sale.
Gonna replace two bearings for the cutter drum and give the blades a go on my Tormek.

Jeff Farris

What a beautiful old dinosaur!  Found one on YouTube.  The video showed the cutter head, so I'm going to give an informed guess and some suggestions. I would be surprised if the bevel angle on those was anything other than 45º. Try that first, then mount them up and try the machine. If it doesn't cut well, try 40º.

The issue is the mounting angle in the cutterhead. If the angle in the head is steeper than it appears, there's a chance (a slim one, I think) that the back of the bevel will rub, causing a poor cut and possibly some burning.

If it cuts beautifully, but the edge breaks down quickly, go to 50º next time you sharpen.
Jeff Farris


Thanks Jeff,

I'll try your suggestions. Hopefully I will remember to post back and let you all know.