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20" Planer Blades, 8" Jointer blades. Jeff?

Started by sominus, January 16, 2005, 05:13:52 PM

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Ok... So its getting time to sharpen the jointer blades on my 8" jointer.  I see the pain that people are going through here with a smaller 6", and it makes me worry about my 8".

Along that vein, my 20" planer ain't gonna last forever w/o a sharpening.  Its a Griz, w/ 4 blades on the cutter head...

Can the Tormek allow me to (easily) do 8" jointer blades?  What about 20" planer blades?

Jeff?  I didn't receive much for replies in the yahoo group...  Any advice for me?


Jeff Farris

Best advise is the read the book.  Then read it again.

The only trick with the SVH-320 is to carefully establish your "zero-point" and then drop the support beam from there.  I usually do it about a half turn of the adjustment knobs until I have the blade sharp.  Do the worst blade first, then you are pre-set for the second, third, and fourth blade.
Jeff Farris



Any chance that Tormek will come out with a planer blade attachment for larger than 12" blades.  I have the one for the 12" but have ordered a 15" planer and want to continue sharpening my own blades.  Or maybe a tutorial on how to reset the blade in the jig to accomadate the longer blades.  Looking forward to your response.