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Delta Planer Blade

Started by Jim, October 19, 2004, 07:10:18 AM

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I'm concidering buying a Tormek but have a couple of questions.  I own a Delta 12 1/2 planer that uses double edge blades.  The blades are pretty narrow and I'm not sure if they can be sharpened on the Tormek.  If they can't I'll need to spend my money on a planer before buying a Tormek to sharpen the blades.  My other question is this.  Can you sharpen carbide jointer/planer blades with the Tormek?  Thanks for your time.

Jeff Farris

Delta disposable blades can be sharpened a couple times if you don't let them get in terrible shape first.

The TORMEK cannot sharpen carbide.
Jeff Farris