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Sharpening 6" Planer Blades

Started by George, May 10, 2005, 02:43:05 AM

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Don't know if I"m just looking  for possible problems or not, but how much width variation is permissible?  I just sharpened a set of three blades acouple days ago and then got to thinking about this width question.  I'm seeing about .005" over the length of the blade.  I'm also wondering how close of tolerances the Tormek will hold over a length of a blade?
During sharpening operation, I had no problems during setup.  I didnot set the sharpening depth to a half turn.  I only moved two numbers up, but got a good clean edge across the lenth of  the blades.  Could possibly that I still didn't sharpen enough depth?
Installed the blades in the jointer/planer and they seem to work OK.  Any comments appreciated, please.

Thx -- George

Jeff Farris

Adjustment of just two marks would indicate that you removed .008" from the blade.  This might be sufficient if the blades were not in bad shape to begin with. Your .005" variation would indicate to me that you needed to take a bit more off.  As for that amount of variation affecting performance -- it is more important that the edge be a straight line than that it be perfectly parallel to the back (of course both are best!).  If your edge is sharp and straight, I would go ahead and set up your cutterhead.  Most blade adjustment systems will compensate for much more than .005".  
Jeff Farris