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Band aids

Started by tonylumps, November 26, 2012, 09:56:37 PM

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Tormek sent some really good band aids with my sharpener I have been out for a while. I think they should add them to there Acc. list.


Only for the people that you sharpen knives for, I have not been asked to resharpen any knives yet. There was more than one small cut after the first and so far only sharpening session.
You can use less of more but you cannot make more of less.


I have cut myself a few times when I first got my Tormek. Now I have been sharpening a few hunting knives for guy's at work,and for some reason they run there finger down the edge. It sends chills up my spine I tell them to use the paper test but they are old school and the first thing I ask them if they are on a blood thinner.

Jimmy Russells

I haven't used any yet but I'd be interested in a few packets of them.


The ones I got were crappy wont stick junk.
Didn't work on slicing the tip of my thumb off, should have included first aid kit



Yeah you know Tormek have reached sharpening nirvana when you get a prosthetic hand as part of the standard package :/)
Best.    Rob.