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Started by RH913RH, September 02, 2012, 10:56:42 PM

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Just finished sharpening my 4" jointer blades using the planer blade jig.
They came out razor sharp, but they are arced.
If you place the cutting edge against a straight edge, both ends don't touch until you come in about 3/8 of an inch.
I followed the steps in the instructions exactly.
why is this happening.
Thanks in advance for your help


Jeff Farris

Either your stop was not set correctly and/or you're applying too much pressure as the ends approach the grindstone.
Jeff Farris


Thanks for the reply.
I had the stops set so that about 3/8" remained on the stone at either end.
It is more likely the pressure.
I will try again and let every one know the result.


Ken S


I hesitated to reply because my plans to sharpen my jointer blades  were upstaged by my local repairman.  He changed out the jointer bearings for me and, unbeknownst to me, also had the blades sharpened.

Anyway, if the arched effect is uniform in your blades, you might run a couple boards through your jointer.  The slight concavity might be the right shape for honing hand plane blades with camber.  Either glue some high tech fine abrasive or use some diamond paste.



Hi Ken
That is the effect I got. but I'd prefer if they were dead straight.  They cut fine, better then ever actually.
When I get a chance I'll regrind them with less pressure, as Jeff suggested.

Ken S

Straight is the only way to go with jointer blades.  My thought was only to run a board through with the arch before regrinding the blades.  Like you, I have a four inch jointer.  If you use hand planes to joint the odd wider board, the concave board might help keep the cambered plane blade honed.  Two feet of board would be plenty for the project.