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This would be my first post as a member of the Tormek Community.
I have been interested in knives and knives sharpening for many years.  I have a number of carbon steel Japanese kitchen knives.  To date I have been sharpening with the TSProf K03 system using Chosera stones.  I have a Tormek 8 which I have used to sharpen a number of different kitchen knives in the more "middle of the road" quality.
I have only used the leather wheel with the Tormek honing compound and a leather wheel with chromic oxide which Dr Kraichuk (RIP) described on YouTube.  I also use his angle setter up for FVB.
To date I have been too "chicken" to actually sharpen the knives on the Tormek wheels.
I was wondering if anybody with more experience could give me some guidelines
I am also not quite sure what is meant by "super steel".  Does this referred to the type of steel or the Rockwell hardness?
Thanks for your help
Kind regards