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General Tormek Questions / KnifeGrinders Austraila
August 26, 2022, 12:28:04 AM
I just learned ( very late in finding out that Vadim passed away ) - Very sad news as we communicated many times.
That answers one question on why I didn't get any responses by email from him.

My question is this. Apparently, since he is gone I get no responses from Knife Grinders at all.
I have ordered many Tormek wheels them over the last few years.

Are they still in business?

I ordered two wheels. One they still owe me for many months now, and as you know the payments are upfront.
I can not get ANY response from them. None. Many emails I sent and no response. I have given up on getting any answers from them.

I am in need of the wheel I already paid for and I now need another.
I am afraid to try to order anything else. The website still has really old dates on them getting wheels in.

Does anyone know if it's safe to order, as every email I send goes into a black hole?
Any information about KnifeGrinders would be appreciated.

-James Anding

Knife Sharpening / Sharpening D2 steel knives
June 19, 2020, 08:09:55 PM
Has anyone here sharpened knives made with D2 steel on the SG-250 ?
I haven't done any and was wondering if the standard Tormek SG-250 wheel can sharpen
a knife like that. Thanks.