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thank you for sharing your experience with the Short tool jig SVS-32. This jig offers larger number of degrees of freedom what is however compensated by the fact that some part of the tool control is transferred to the sharpener.

The sentence you have quoted is recollection of my thoughts concerning general requirements on the blade geometry which have to be fulfilled when trying to get a square edge. No jig can help us to get square edge when the geometrical prerequisites are not met. Since I have recognized it, I keep calmer even after several vain attempts to grind a square edge.
thank for your reply #6. I agree with you fully. You have to guess my mind.
I have just calculated the hollow depth for my mortise chisel with a bevel length 1 5/8" (40 mm). The hollow depth from a 10" stone should be 0.03" (0.8 mm), from a 8" stone it should be 0.04" (1 mm)and finaly from a 6" stone it should be 0.05" (1.35 mm).
Hi Herman,
thank you for your suggestion. Yes, the Short tool jig SVS-32 provides enough space to hold my heavy duty mortise chisel. As Ken mentioned in reply #2 the control is not as precise as with the Square edge jig. The Short tool jig SVS-32 works fine provided the lateral blade edges are well preserved and the top face of the blade is perfectly flat and intersects with the plane of the back face of the blade in a line which is parallel to the cutting edge.
Hi Ken,
thank you for your response, I already have the Tool rest SVD-110 so I can try your suggestion.
If possible I would like to keep full control over the grinding process. I am wondering if the Multi jig SVS-50 will solve my problem.
I am concerned about the hollow shape of the bevel. If you imagine the bevel length is 1 5/8" than the hollow will be well noticeable.
Best regards
Hi Grepper,
Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunatelly those demos do not solve my problem. My mortise chisel blade thickness is ¾" which is too much for the Square edge jig (SE76).
Hi Everyone,

I need to sharpen an very old heavy duty mortise chisel with blade width some 18 mm (3/4") and blade height also some 18 mm (3/4"). Please advice how to sharpen this chisel with the Tormek system.