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I have sharpened many chisels and can micro adjust the jig to get then square.  However, this is the first time I have sharpened my no.5 1/2  plane blade. when adjusted as if i am going for a square blade there is a camber with the middle being the longer section.  it looks as if I loosened both camber adjustments a turn each. I can assure everyone that they were snug.  Mu question is do wider blades naturally camber because you are sharpening on a wheel?
I just received my new T-8 Black a few days ago.  The DF-250 that came with it was pretty lumpy when I first tried it out.  Not abrasive but my chisel tip would rise and fall. I have been very gentle and after a day it has mostly smoothed out except the right side(left in photos) of the wheel still has a few lumps.  I've also noticed I have black patches on the  wheel. The patches appeared minutes after first use. Looks like the grey coating is worn.  This is my first diamond wheel am I missing something?  I also bought a DE-250 and my experience with it is very different and I would classify it as what I would expect is normal, no lumps or black spots.I am using water with ACC.You cannot view this attachment.