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Has anyone used premium diamond honing oil with the Tormek diamond wheels?

The company I talked to suggested honing oil over a water-based solution with all wheels, both eliminate the possibility of rust without additives.
Talked to one of the USA's premium crankshaft grinders for the last 40 plus years. He gave me several tips on how to maintain and use ALL types of (wet) grinding wheels. He has done this for 40 years. (These guys deal measurements in ten thousands (.0001) of an inch.)

1)Keep the fixture to true, set up, locked in place, and on the 103-105 stand,
2) True before every use (every knife is now set to sharpen with same true wheel),
3) True any time the grinding wheel is removed,
4) Buy and use the same fluids with the wheels, a crankshaft grinder uses. ( (Hint Hint read the description you might learn something), and
5) filter this fluid and reuse, (clean/filter out debris and metal) change every 3 mos.

Do this and save money. Plus you start at .0005 +/- every time.
Would anyone be interested in getting one or more 250mmx25mmx12mm in grade 1)hard, 2)rock hard, or 3)diamond-hard split beveled felt wheels made for the T8 sized machines. (Currently only offered at 200mm or 8 inches)

They will also come with a 35mmx25mmx12mm spacer for the Tormek shaft.

The only ones currently available are from Germany or Australia and the shipping costs are very high.

I am getting a production run set up to manufacture them here in the USA. Mid Jan completion/shipping date.

When all costs are locked down they will cost LESS than current offerings, manufactured in the USA, to the same or better quality.

Post here or PM me thanks.