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I found a rotary blade thread from 2009 and have just seen this attachment for the t2 and wondered if there was anything similar that someone has made for a t4/t8.

My daughter has an olfa rotary cutter with round 45 mm blades she uses for cutting fabric for quilting etc. As these seem to be the weapon of choice these days for all kinds of fabric cutting (judging from sewing programmes) i wondered if anyone had come across solutions that work.  I think it needs descent bearings as you rotate the blades. I can buy replacements but...
yesterdays live training session got me thinking. Im on a budget and slowly getting my garage sorted as a workshop. In the past i have sharpened on my workbench but it has poor light and very tight on space. Yesterday i had the house to myself and experimented using the kitchen peninsular which is also at 900 mm. I found myself leaving my t4 in the centre near the end and walking round so i could sharpen on one side and hone from the other without the need to keep turning the t4 round.
Earlier this year my second b&d workmate gave up the ghost with metal fatigue and being unable to repair it i decided to try out the triton superjaws. Having already made a horse insert to convert it to a chopping block for spoon carving i decided to add a small workbench surface so i could continue to walk round my tormek without having to splash out on the turntable. It makes this a very stable moveable  multifunction unit and removes the need for castors.

Its work in progress as the height is currently 820 mm but thought i would share this to see what others have created for their sharpening stations.
Knife Sharpening / Opinel no 8 sharpening
December 30, 2020, 04:26:19 PM
Hi happy new year!

I have just  been given  the above knife. From the manufacturers web site it states a convex sharpening of approximately 40 degrees.

I cant see a secondary angle to use the tormek marker method.

So im guessing ive got to use the angle master but as the blade is convex
1) do i set it for 20 or 40 degrees? One of the online sharpening tutorials showed halving the angle when not on the cutting edge so im not sure which setting to use.

2) do i put it as near the cutting edge as possible or does it not matter?

3) what would you suggest i do to check To visually check im sharpening correctly.

Im sure that with Opinel being a popular brand, im hoping someone will have come across this before. If not here is their product page with the info on sharpening half way down.

On the se 77 it mentions protrusion but not a minimum blade length.

I have a set of record plough plane blades which are about 90mm long and have an angle of 35 degrees. Can i use them in the se 77?

There is one curved one with an outside bevel and several with inside bevels which i think are outside the scope of the tormek but would be interested in anyones experience on these.

Many thanks.
While watching some videos, i saw a router being shown but not sure which jig you would use as the bevel is on the inside and the stem seems to block the path to the grinding stone.
Hand Tool Woodworking / Q2 inside bevels on gouges
August 02, 2020, 02:52:13 PM
Am i correct that these gouges will still need to be sharpened by hand as the bevels are on the inside?
Hi, i have recently retired, moved and got a t4 with se77 and now setting up my workshop and checking my tools and getting back into carpentry and considering which i can sharpen and which jigs i need.

I am a bit unsure of some of the tool names in the manual so decided to use the forum for clarification.

I have decided its easier to ask four separate questions so the answers dont get too complicated.

I have a marking knife which has single bevel but the blade is angled.

Is it possible to sharpen and if so which jig.
Scissors Sharpening / Garden tools
July 12, 2020, 05:26:02 PM
Hi, Im trying to decide which model and jigs to get. Principally a woodworker with planes and chisels but have some carving implements and gouges and also make musical instruments. But im also doing a lot of gardening. Purely for family use. About the only area i dont currently work is wood turning.

having watched the garden tools sharpening video, i wondered if an T4 users have had success in sharpening an axe and a pair Grass edging shears?

My axe wasnt very sharp when i bought it and keeps getting abused but i am using it more now so really want something i can get a good edge on.

Im virtually decided on a t4 with the Hand  tools collection, my logic is that i can see myself using Virtually all the tools at some time plus have somewhere to store them.

but still thinking whether to just go for the bushcraft t4 and a couple of other jigs and not bother with scissors.


Ps the t8 is still a possibility but its really above my budget unless anyone knows how often we get and when is the best time for sales in the uk.