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Hi! This is my first post on the forum. I bought a T-8 about six months ago and have discovered I love sharpening. Chisels and plane irons are quite straightforward. Knives are a real challenge, but I've learned a lot, mostly from Vadim's postings and videos. I recently bought the SVH-320 planer blade jig, and I'm using it with the standard wheel (SG-250). As others on this forum have discovered, it takes a long time. The first blade I ground had a nick about a centimeter deep, and I spent a total of five hours, over several evenings, working on it (great result!). The second blade was less damaged, and I graded and trued the stone more often, so it took about half as long. Unfortunately, I don't have a slow-speed grinder (yet). Instead, I'm wondering whether it would be worth buying a coarser wheel for the Tormek, to speed up the rough work on badly damaged planer blades. Perhaps the SB-250? Or a CBN wheel? I'm thinking that an 80 grit CBN wheel will not only be faster than the coarsely graded (220 grit) SG wheel in terms of its coarser grit but also because it would eliminate all the time spent grading and trueing. Any advice would be appreciated!