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Topics - Sam Sloane

Knife Sharpening / If you dont have a FVB....
May 10, 2020, 11:08:06 PM

I have 1 knife someone wants done......Its basically a Cleaver.....but it is too wide to use with the knife jig, and I dont have a FVB....

What are your down and dirty approaches to doing a 1 off knife like this?


Scissors Sharpening / Scissors for Kevlar
December 28, 2019, 12:24:56 PM
Hi all,

I rarely do alot on facebook about stylist and grooming shears, but not alot out there on Industrial Shears....

Today I did 27 pairs of shears for a Composite Company......for cutting fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar.

I could cut the fiberglass, and the carbon, but none of my work was "stellar" when it came to the kevlar.   I was told to set the edge at 25 degrees by someone, but found the best for these was actually less than 15 degrees ( which my tormek gauge cant even measure, because the plastic bulge on the angle indicator actually touches the wheel....look for yourself!)

Does anyone have insight to what would work best for the kevlar??

Also, after doing about 15 pairs, I noticed my SB-250 Wheel was totally little waves running across the face of the this normal?....I have to resurface the wheel a few times to gring them out!


Knife Sharpening / My First Super Steel Knives
August 06, 2019, 05:48:33 PM

I have a handful of Outdoorsmen knives to do......they are made from

M390  59-61 RHC
K340  57-59 RHC
Lohman Nicolox 1.4152.03   RHC 61

Right now they come in at Bess Scores of 200-350.....

I have only SG250 and a dual Paper Wheel setup using 14 Micron, and 3 Micron diamond (and Tormek leather wheel with compound)

Whats my best approach to doing these?

I dont want to screw up.......I have never tried anything with these high RHC numbers.

I would love to see my first sub Bess score of 70 on these!

Thanks in advance,

Knife Sharpening / Unknown "Soft" Knives
June 22, 2019, 05:26:31 PM
HI All.....Sam here.....been away for a bit.....

I have a question about junk knives.....

I was having lots of trouble getting any edge at all by grinding into the edge with many knives..... I could not raise a decent I decided to do Edge trailing.....and it seemed to do better....just a bigger burr to remove on my paper wheels/ leather wheel.....

Is there a correct or better approach to these things people hand you and expect razor sharp???


Morning All,

I do my bevel grinding on a Tormek T8, but wanted a better faster way to finish the edge.

I have a brand new Paper Wheel set up now, but having never seen one LIVE, I am thinking there must be tricks to getting them running true, better than what I have. If videos would be helpful, I could post them, to see what I have....

I have a 3/4 Hp dual ended Buffer variable speed.
Main Shaft is 20mm, with 5/8" dia for mounting 10" wheels.
I have flattened the wheels as best I can by clamping for a few days
I replaced the cheap pressed washers with 0.375" thk steel washers, lazer cut.
I block sanded the out diameter of the paper wheels to try to true the ODs

The result works, but I did expect better results....the knife blades still "bump" along while honing.....I wasn't expecting a super balanced result, but I did think it would be better!

Any suggestions?


Pic attached....
Knife Sharpening / In the Beginning....
January 17, 2018, 12:39:45 AM
Do you guys remember when you first started sharpening on the tormek? Well....I need some advice.

Studied everything I could.....looked at SEM about the Bess system to quantify sharpeness.....yup.....just was a sponge for 2 months......but.....

I cant get great results on my Henckels......Is the X45crMoV15 just too soft to expect it to pass the fingernail test!??

Any memories of what you learned once you tried yourself would be helpful.



PS...I am a mechanical engineer in the steel business.....thought that would help me!...nah...