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I appreciate that others have the same issue - makes me not feel so alone... ;)  BUT - a solution would be even better!  Does no one out there have any guidance to offer?
Planer Blade Sharpening / Grinding is stopping too early
September 30, 2014, 12:09:11 AM
So, I finally worked up the courage to try the planer blade jig.  Pretty straightforward set up, so that wasn't too bad.  I did have to lock the left post first and then crank on the right thumb wheel to get 'er lined up with the the stone, but from what I have been able to read I am not the only one doing that...  ;)

My first set of knives worked like a charm.  They are all FAR sharper than the factory new set I ordered while waiting for my jig to arrive.

On the second set, however, I ran into a problem where - try as I might - I could not get the knives to grind down to the angle stop.  I thought that maybe the stone was glazing over and just burnishing the knife edge, so this is what I tried:

1) I re-surfaced the stone with the fine grader.  No joy.
2) I re-surfaced the stone with the coarse grader.  No joy.
3) I re-trued the stone to expose a fresh new face. No joy - either before or after resurfacing.
4) I started completely over, re-setting everything as if I had never started anything.  No joy.

No matter what I try, there is about 1mm or so of daylight showing between the adjustment screw and the jig hard stop.  And no matter how hard or soft I press, and no matter how long I grind (up to 30 minutes or so, at least...) I cannot advance the grind.  The edge of the blade just gets shinier and shinier - as if I am polishing it, but not removing material.  Just to check things I took off the jig and sharpened a chisel and a kitchen knife - those worked just fine.

I am at a complete loss - and I have this half-sharpened set of knives that aren't doing me any good.  Happily, the first set worked nicely!...

I can see in the forum that others have posted similar problems, but I cannot see any answers.  Any help?  Anyone?  Thanks in advance!